The Halloween of 2020 is a Full Blue Moon mystery – Ideas to make it Special

This year’s Halloween may be the creepiest ever, with a full blue moon that took 19 years to reappear on this Saturday and a real crazy virus that hangs around. It’s also a full hunter’s moon, aka blood moon, and the clock turns back on this day. Although somewhat frightening, you can make a lot of fun out of it.

First of all, before you start anything crazy, please be responsible and follow the measures to avoid the virus. You can check, there’s a map to establish the risk level in your community, and then read some more information about safety measures for trick or treating and other Halloween activities. After that, you can go on and make that day special, whatever the risk level of your area is. Have fun and beware of the virus!

Let’s start with what the memes say

(Because ☣bio-hazard☣ masks and costumes are at their best days now)

Some crazy Halloween food ideas – DIY

Many food and snack ideas/recipes in single video:

Ideas for spooky Halloween costumes and make-ups – DIY

Add some of your creativity and the possible outcomes can vary greatly:

A playlist with 200 Halloween music tracks 🎃

Because this special day cannot be felt without the appropriate sounds and music, we’ve got you covered. Here are 200 tracks, all in one ready-to-be-played playlist:

The best things to do this Halloween

  • Decorate your place spooookily
  • Watch creepy spooky movies
  • Paint a mask with ketchup and wear it on your regular mask (you don’t even need a special costume these days, just your mask)
  • See the first video and make some creepy-looking food and snacks
  • Tell creepy stories in your spooky-decorated place
  • Be creepy and spooky
  • There’s fun in everything, enjoy your life!

If you’d like to read about the history of Halloween, check this history-of-Halloween article or Wikipedia’s thorough info about Halloween


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