Check Mark Symbols ✓✗ (easy copy paste)

Check/tick mark symbols

Unicode character symbols of the check mark sign. The simple Check Mark (✓) can be used on the majority of systems, browsers and platforms. Select and copy-paste as needed.

This symbol is widely known as a validation and verification sign, although in Sweden, Finland, and Japan, it has the opposite meaning.[1]

Check/tick mark emoji

✔️ ☑️

Check mark emoji; you can copy-paste and use them on most social media and mobile devices. The support in a desktop environment is limited, although some browsers and applications do fully support them. Keep in mind that every platform shows emoji slightly differently.
* If you see simple checkmarks or emtpy cubes, your browser does not support emoji.

X mark symbols

Unicode character symbols of the X mark or cross sign. This symbol is widely used as a negation sign, the opposite of the check mark. In some specific cases like elections (ballot papers), it is used as an indicator of choice. It is also traditionally used to mark places, for example on maps.[2]

X/cross mark emoji

Differences between Unicode check mark symbols VS checkmark emoji

Check Mark symbol ✓ Check Mark emoji ✅
  • Is a simple text-like Unicode symbol, highly supported on most platforms and systems.
  • Appears exactly the same almost anywhere.
  • Is an advanced representation of the Unicode symbol with a Unicode combination, supported mostly on mobile devices and social media.
  • Emoji appear slightly or a lot different on every platform. Every browser and mobile-device brand usually has a different representation.

Information about this page

A user friendly collection of Unicode text characters of check mark and x mark symbols and emoji. All the symbols have their Unicode name, just hover over or tap on them to see it.

This page is made to help anyone get the checkmark and xmark symbol or emoji right away by copy-pasting, with own decision and not auto-copy. It lets the user decide when to select and copy.


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