Copyright symbols (C) ©, (P) ℗ (easy copy-paste)

Copyright symbol © (text sign/character)


A Unicode copyright sign/symbol (C) circled, readily used on all systems and browsers. Select and copy-paste anywhere as needed.

Sound Recording Copyright symbol (phonogram) ℗ (text sign/character)

A Unicode phonogram sign/symbol (P) circled, for sound recording related copyright. Readily used on all systems and browsers. Select and copy-paste anywhere as needed.


You can copy-paste and use it on most social media and mobile devices. The support in a desktop environment is limited (as for all emoji), although some browsers and applications do fully support them. Keep in mind that every platform shows emoji slightly differently.

  1. Copyright (Examples & Explanations)
  2. Understanding Copyright Law, Seventh Edition (Understanding Series)
  3. Copyright (University Casebook Series)
  4. Copyright in a Global Information Economy (Aspen Casebook Series)

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How to use the copyright © and ℗ symbols, signs, logos

Examples with copyright ©

Examples with copyright ℗

More information about Copyright and the Copyright Sign

Wikipedia's in-depth articles about the history of copyright, the copyright sign/symbol, and the use of the copyright notice.

Differences between Unicode copyright symbols and copyright emoji

Copyright symbol © Copyright emoji ©️
  • Is a simple text-like Unicode symbol, highly supported on all platforms and systems.
  • Appears exactly the same, anywhere.
  • Is an advanced representation of symbols and Unicode combinations, supported mostly on mobile devices and social media.
  • Appear slightly different on every platform. Every browser and mobile-device brand has a different representation.

Information about this page

All the copyright symbols are on this clean and easy-to-use page. You can use the Unicode copyright symbols almost anywhere, the support is virtually universal because these basic Unicode symbols are like text characters. In contrast, the star emojis are more advanced representations of symbols, called Emoji. Copyright emoji may not appear on all systems and browsers; emoji appear only on ones that support emojis.

This page helps users get and copy-paste the copyright symbol. It also teaches how to type it on a keyboard.

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