Heart symbols & emoji, ( copy-paste your love² ❤ )

Heart symbols

These are all the Unicode heart symbols and heart-like text characters, readily used on most systems and browsers. You can hover over each heart with your mouse or tap with your finger, to see the original names. Select and copy-paste anywhere as you like.

Some platforms show the Heavy Heart and the Black Heart Suit as a red heart.

Heart emojis

❤️ ♥️ 💕 💔 💞 💘 💝 💖 💗 💓 ❣️ 💚 💛 🧡 💙 💜 🤎 🖤 🤍

You can copy-paste and use these emoji hearts on most social media and mobile devices. The support in a desktop environment is limited (as is for all emoji), although some browsers and applications do fully support them. Keep in mind that some platforms may show emoji slightly differently.

The logical meanings of each heart emoji

Alternative and logical meanings of heart emojis. What people usually mean.

Shortcut to the meanings of each heart:

❤️ Red Heart emoji

Symbolizes the emotion and the feeling of love. People use it to express love about someone, something, or many things at the same time.

♥️ Heart Suit emoji

It's the heart from the heart suit of the French playing cards game. This symbol is sometimes used in place of the red heart emoji because it looks nice, and to some people, it's nicer than the official red heart emoji.

💕 Two Hearts emoji

Can have many meanings. It can signify a strong connection of love between two individuals, either romantically or friendly, or both. Some people may want to express a desire to start a relationship, in a flirting way. Others may want to express love, in an empathetic way.

💔 Broken Heart emoji

Symbolizes the failure of love and the ending of its emotion. People use it to express the end of a relationship or the end of their lovely connection with someone or something.

💞 Revolving Hearts emoji

People usually use it to express the mental state of spontaneously feeling the falling in love with someone or something. It can also express having lovely and/or romantic thoughts about someone or something else.

💘 Heart with Arrow emoji

Symbolizes being passionately attached with love and affection to someone or something; a crash. One's heart hit by Cupid's (Amor, Έρως, the god of love) arrow. Can express the intense feelings when one's in the first steps in a fervent relationship.

💝 Heart with Ribbon emoji

Can be interpreted in various ways like I give my heart as a gift, a lovely gift box, Valentine's gift. People usually use it on Valentine's day together with the Red Heart emoji. Other people may express a complete devotion of their heart to someone.

💖 Sparkling Heart emoji

Symbolizes new and/or refreshed love. May be used to express one's renewal of love emotions toward someone or something else.

💗 Growing Heart emoji

May symbolize one's growing love and feelings towards someone or something. May also show that one's love has multiple dimensions of reasons and feelings.

💓 Beating Heart emoji

May express a fast heart-rate that's for any reason, but mostly for romance and love related reasons. People use it to show that their heart is beating with passion.

❣️ Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark emoji

A lovely exclamation mark. Can be used to express agreement and excitement in a lovely discussion. Can also be used to show emphasis in a friendly or lovely way, usually between two individuals in a relationship or just friends.

💚 Green Heart emoji

Frequently used in situations where the green color accompanies something, like logos, layouts, etc. Green nature lovers also love this heart to express their affection and understanding for the oxygen-producing nature. Some people use it to friend-zone other individuals, others just like the color and use it for that.

💛 Yellow Heart emoji

To show a liking in anything, without the intensity of a red heart. Frequently used in expressing love for a friendship, in a friendly way, as best friends. Can also be used in situations where the yellow color accompanies something, like logos, layouts, etc.

🧡 Orange Heart emoji

Its expression and meanings stand between the red and the yellow heart. It conveys a warm feeling of love and care; a mature one.

💙 Blue Heart emoji

Can be used in situations where the blue color accompanies something, like logos, layouts, etc. Some people express a reduced and colder love with it. Other people use it to express love for something or someone, in a friendly way.

💜 Purple Heart emoji

Think wisely about this one. Some people may express love for a diseased person, while others compassion or even a mood for sexually heightened emotions. Like the other colored hearts, it can be used in situations where the purple color accompanies something, like logos, layouts, etc. Goths like it.

🤎 Brown Heart emoji

May express love for something that's sweet like a chocolate. May also be used by some to express incomplete love, or, love without romantic intentions.

🖤 Black Heart emoji

Conveys a mysteriously dark feeling and emotion, Goths and Emos love it. Some people may express sadness in or the absence of love, others just a different type of love. Others love the black color so much that even their heart is black. It may also signify a love or desire for the unknown.

🤍 White Heart emoji

May express clean, pure, or angelic love, but also undecidedness or emptiness in love and its associated feelings.

How to type the text heart ♥ symbol on a keyboard

This method gives the Black Heart Suit ♥, it's the easiest.

Differences between Unicode heart symbols and heart emoji

Heart symbols ❤ Heart emoji ❤️
  • Simple text-like Unicode symbols, highly supported on most platforms and systems.
  • The color depends on the font's color
  • Appears exactly the same, anywhere. Some platforms show the Heavy Heart and the Black Heart Suit as a red heart.
  • Advanced representation of the Unicode symbol with a Unicode combination, supported mostly on mobile devices and social media.
  • Appear slightly different on every platform. Every browser and mobile-device brand has a different representation.

Information about this page

All the heart symbols and emojis are on this clean and easy-to-use page. You can use the Unicode heart symbols almost anywhere, the support is virtually universal because these basic Unicode symbols are like text characters. In contrast, the heart emojis are advanced representations of symbols, called Emoji. Heart emoji may not appear on all systems and browsers.

This page helps users get and copy-paste the heart symbols and emoji, and also learn their meanings. It also teaches how to type the ♥ heart symbol on a keyboard.

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