➞ Arrow symbols ➜➤ (easy to copy paste)

Arrow symbols (Unicode text characters), copy-pasteable

You can use all the following arrow symbols for your scientific work or on most online places like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms and applications like Word, Excel, etc.

⬿ ⤿

Simple arrows (most supported Unicode text arrow symbols), copy-pasteable

Double, triple, and quadruple arrows (Unicode, copy-pasteable)

Fat/heavy arrows (Unicode, copy-pasteable)

Circular, semicircular, arc and curving arrows (Unicode, copy-pasteable)


Harpoon arrows (Unicode, copy-paste able)

Zigzag, squiggle and wave arrows (Unicode, copy-paste able)


How to type simple arrow symbols on a keyboard (shortcuts)

Upwards Arrow ↑

Downwards Arrow ↓

Rightwards Arrow →

Leftwards Arrow ←

Left-Right Arrow ↔

Up-Down Arrow ↕

Meanings of arrow symbols

The arrow is one of the most known and universally used symbols since the 18th century. People use it to direct attention by pointing towards something or somewhere.

Information about this page

A simple and user-friendly collection of Unicode text character arrow symbols. All the arrows have their Unicode name, just hover over or tap on them to see it.


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