An image of ATM and bank locations saying Find ATMs Near You Instantly

See All the ATMs & Banks Near You, Instantly

Effortlessly pinpoint ATM machines and banks near your location, irrespective of whether you’re at home or traveling. By harnessing the capability of OpenStreetMap data, this web-based utility provides information about nearby ATMs, banks with a single click. It promptly identifies all kinds of ATM machines and banks, not confining itself to specific brands.


  1. Click the “Find ATMs/Banks Nearby” button to swiftly locate financial facilities around you using your device’s geolocation feature or IP address. Alternatively, double-click or double-tap any area of interest to dig deeper.
  2. You can also enter a specific location in the search bar and hit the “Search” button to see ATMs and banks in your chosen area.
  3. Review the map for red icons ATM/Bank icon denoting ATM and bank locations.
  4. Click on any red icon to reveal more information, such as the institution’s name, address, contact number, website, and operational hours, all within a convenient popup window that also provides a link to view the location on Google Maps.
  5. By clicking the “View Location on Google Maps” link, you will be transferred to Google Maps in a new tab (or the app) with the ATM/bank’s location pre-set. From here, you can easily obtain directions or examine the surrounding area with the immersive 3D Street View feature.


While most banks do have ATM machines both inside and outside their branches, some banks may only have ATMs inside the branch, while others may have ATMs located solely outside.

ATMs located inside the bank branches are usually accessible during the bank’s operating hours, allowing customers to perform various transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries, and fund transfers. On the other hand, ATMs located outside the bank branches, commonly referred to as “drive-up” or “walk-up” ATMs, are often available 24/7 for basic transactions like cash withdrawals.


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