FlexibleLove Many Purpose Cardboard Chair Tool

Made of honey-combed cardboard, the FlexibleLove is a cross between Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair (at least the cardboard part) and Richard James’ Slinky.

Closed, it weighs all of 55 lbs (25kg) and compresses to a very slinky 25″ x 22″ x 8″ form (wide enough for one 5-year old — or an adult’s solo butt-cheek), but it expands to nearly 24 feet and can withstand up to 4230 lbs! (The manufacturer calculates the capacity to be adequate for 16 people — which might be tolerable on a subway during rush hour but not for any prolonged casual seating). But why quibble about mere details of whether or not it is 12 or 16 bottoms that can be loaded onto a “bench” that can be transported home in the back of a car. It is the answer to every holiday dilemma of “how will we accommodate all these people.” Further, with its patented accordion design, the FlexibleLove can be snaked and shaped to fit virtually any space.FlexibleLove is the brain child of Chishen Chiu, a Taiwanese designer who first saw honeycombed cardboard being used to create palettes in lieu of wood. Available only in cardboard brown — the love seat is decidedly green as it is made from recycled paper and wood. The paper is currently untreated — so you do have to worry a bit about spills.


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