Unlocking Innovation: The Curved Keyway Lock Assembly

In the realm of lock and key systems, innovation knows no bounds. The video showcasing a lock assembly with a curved keyway unveils a fascinating advancement in lock technology. This ingenious design, combining a flexible key and a specially designed lock body, offers a unique approach to security and convenience. In this article, we explore the intricacies of the lock assembly, highlighting its key features and the mechanics behind its operation.

The Curved Keyway Lock Assembly

The heart of the lock assembly lies in its lock body, which comprises plug pieces with confronting faces featuring longitudinal curved grooves. These grooves work in harmony to create a longitudinal curved keyway, boasting a cross-section that consists of an upright first portion and a cross-wise second portion. This innovative keyway design sets the stage for enhanced security and ease of use.

Within the cylindrical plug, two sets of tumbler members are strategically placed. The first set extends along the upright first portion of the curved keyway, while the second set aligns with the cross-wise second portion. These tumbler members play a crucial role in the lock’s mechanism, ensuring that only the correct key can actuate them effectively.

The Flexible Key

Complementing the lock body is the flexible key, a marvel of engineering in its own right. The key features a chain of successively hinged knuckles, allowing for smooth maneuverability within the curved keyway. Each knuckle incorporates specific key bit projections, aligning with the first and second sets of tumbler members. When inserted into the lock, the flexible key’s projections interact with the tumbler members, triggering the necessary movements to unlock the assembly.


The lock assembly with a curved keyway represents a remarkable leap forward in lock technology. Its intricate design and clever mechanics ensure heightened security while offering a user-friendly experience. This video sheds light on the ingenuity and creativity driving advancements in lock systems, highlighting the potential for innovative solutions to shape our everyday lives.

Patent #: 5131247


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