The Journey from Female to Male (In the Womb)

Embark on a captivating exploration of human development with the intriguing video “We were all female” by AsapSCIENCE. In this enlightening presentation, we uncover the scientific truth behind our early stages of existence, shedding light on how our biological journey from a female to a male takes place. Prepare to delve into the fascinating intricacies of genetics and embryonic development as we unravel the mysteries of gender determination.

The Phenomenon of Gender Transition

Within the first moments of conception, our genetic blueprint begins to shape our destiny. This video unravels the biological process by which two individuals combine their genetic information, highlighting the role of chromosomes in determining our sex. With a focus on the X and Y chromosomes, the narrative unfolds to explain how the Y chromosome brings forth the physical traits associated with males.

The X Chromosome’s Dominance

During the initial stages of embryonic development, the X chromosome reigns supreme. For approximately five to six weeks, the X chromosome takes charge, guiding the growth and progression of the embryo. Females, under the influence of only the X chromosome, undergo a complete transformation, developing into fully formed individuals.

The Awakening of the Y Chromosome

The pivotal moment arrives when the Y chromosome activates, signaling a significant shift in development. Driven by the SRY gene, this chromosome inhibits certain features of the X chromosome while imposing the distinctive physiological traits that define males. Witness the remarkable metamorphosis as ovaries transform into testes, and the labia fuse to create the scrotum.

Tracing the Physical Manifestations

The intricate details of our physical appearance provide further evidence of this journey. Discover the scrotal raphe, a prominent line on the scrotum that reflects the fusion of embryonic tissue. Moreover, explore the astonishing revelation that the male variant of the clitoris is, indeed, the penis—an embodiment of the complex transformations brought forth by the Y chromosome.

Nipples: A Remnant of the Past

Unraveling yet another captivating aspect, we delve into the presence of nipples in males. The early development of nipples predates the activation of the Y chromosome and remains a lasting reminder of our shared origins. Although males don’t develop breasts, the presence of nipples serves as a testament to our shared journey from a common starting point.


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