A 3D Animated Deep Dive into Desktop Computer Components

In an exciting and engaging video by Branch Education, a desktop computer is meticulously deconstructed using 3D animation, akin to a dissection lab in a biology class. This fascinating journey takes us inside the computer to explore every piece of hardware, giving us a nanoscopic view of the transistors and other structures. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible insights the video offers.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Our journey begins with the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the brain of the computer. The video presents an overview of the CPU’s structure, including its integrated heat spreader, metal package, and integrated circuit (die). We also get an in-depth look at the functional sections of the CPU’s cores, which execute programs and instructions.

Exploring the Motherboard

The motherboard, a massive printed circuit board containing a variety of components, is the heart of the computer. We dive into the importance of the Chipset and how it connects the CPU to everything else. The video also examines the voltage regulator module (VRM), which ensures the CPU receives the correct voltage.

Cooling System and Power Supply

The video discusses the cooling system, specifically a liquid CPU cooler that helps dissipate heat generated by the CPU. Next, we move on to the power supply, which distributes power throughout the computer, and learn about its transformers and voltage regulators.

Graphics Card and GPU

The video takes a moment to emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary learning before continuing the dissection with the graphics card and GPU. It provides a comparison between the CPU and GPU, as well as an example of how GPUs can process data much faster than CPUs in certain scenarios.

Storage Devices: DRAM, SSDs, and HDDs

In this section, we take a quick look at DRAM, SSDs, and HDDs. The video provides an overview of their structures and functions, while also pointing to more in-depth videos by Branch Education on these topics.

Computer Mouse and Keyboard

As a bonus, the video gives a brief overview of what’s inside a computer mouse and keyboard, highlighting their respective components and functions.


Branch Education’s 3D animation (among many other animations they have) provides a captivating exploration of desktop computer components, combining engineering, technology, art, and animation to create an immersive educational experience that’s interesting for any age.

The animation

Video source: Branch Education

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