What is the Universe Expanding Into?

In a fascinating and mind-bending video from Physics Girl, Dianna Cowern tackles the concept of the universe’s expansion and debunks the outdated idea of the Big Bang Theory. She delves into the history of the discovery, explores possible answers to what the universe is expanding into, and addresses some common misconceptions about the origins of our universe. Read on to discover the true nature of the universe’s expansion and ponder some intriguing possibilities.

The Expansion of the Universe

In her video, Dianna explains that the universe’s expansion is not about objects moving away from us, but about the stretching of space itself. By observing galaxies moving away from us at different speeds based on their distance, astronomers discovered that the universe is indeed expanding. This concept can be likened to a loaf of raisin bread expanding in the oven, where the raisins represent galaxies moving apart with the expanding dough (space).

A Brief History of the Big Bang Theory

Dianna takes us through the journey of astronomers like Vesto Slipher, Alexander Friedman, and George Lemaitre, who laid the foundation for the Big Bang Theory. She highlights the significance of Edwin Hubble’s observations that provided evidence for the expanding universe. However, she also explains that the idea of the Big Bang as a single point where the universe began is outdated and incorrect.

The True Nature of the Universe’s Expansion

According to Dianna, the universe’s expansion is not a result of a single point explosion. Instead, the Big Bang was an event that happened everywhere, as the universe started much smaller and expanded rapidly. If the universe is infinite, it is constantly expanding into itself. If it is not infinite, then we do not yet know what the universe is expanding into.

Possible Explanations and Theories

Dianna offers several intriguing possibilities for what the universe might be expanding into, such as other universes, higher dimensions, or perhaps even “nothing.” While these ideas are fascinating, she notes that they may be beyond our ability to observe or understand.


Physics Girl’s video “It’s Official: We Were WRONG About the Big Bang” effectively dispels common misconceptions about the Big Bang Theory and offers thought-provoking insights into the nature of the universe’s expansion. Prepare to have your mind blown as you explore the fascinating world of cosmology.

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