The Illusion of Color Perception: The Boundaries of Human Experience

Embark on a mind-bending journey into the realm of perception with the thought-provoking video “Is Your Red The Same as My Red?” by Vsauce. In this captivating exploration, Michael takes us on a philosophical quest to unravel the enigma of color. Delving deep into the nature of our subjective experiences, he challenges the notion that color exists externally and reveals how it is actually created within our minds.

Through engaging examples and intriguing insights, Michael navigates the concept of qualia—the raw feelings associated with our internal experiences. He delves into the mysterious gap between physical phenomena and our ability to explain and share our unique perceptions. Along the way, he introduces fascinating perspectives on color blindness, language limitations, and the potential for alternate ways of experiencing and communicating colors.

Drawing on the fascinating world of animals, Michael examines the concept of a “Theory of Mind” and how it influences our understanding of perception. He highlights the remarkable abilities and limitations of animals, including apes who communicate through sign language but have never asked a question. Ultimately, the video reminds us of the incredible complexity of human consciousness and encourages us to embrace curiosity and celebrate our unique perspectives.


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