A Journey Through Sacred Geometry

In this fascinating exploration of sacred geometry, the YouTube channel ‘After Skool’ takes us on a journey through the mysteries of the universe and the story of creation. From the origins of the Earth to the very fabric of reality, sacred geometry demonstrates how our existence is deeply rooted in the interconnectedness of everything. By examining religious teachings, ancient myths, and scientific discoveries, we can better understand our place in the cosmos and our connection to the intricate patterns that govern our reality.

The Big Bang Theory and the Primordial Atom

The video delves into the origins of the universe, discussing Georges LemaĆ®tre’s Big Bang theory, which suggests that everything began from a single primordial atom. This theory gained traction through Edwin Hubble’s observations and the discovery of cosmic microwave radiation in the 1960s. However, the question remains: what came before the Big Bang?

Sacred Geometry

From Nothing to Everything: Sacred geometry reverse engineers our understanding of creation by starting with the logical beginning: nothing. The first thing to come into existence was a point, which then expanded into consciousness and awareness. According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, this consciousness sparked the process of creation.

The Genesis Pattern and the Seed of Life

The video describes the genesis pattern, which involves the expansion of consciousness through the creation of geometric shapes such as the vesica pisces, the holy trinity, and ultimately the seed of life. These patterns are believed to contain the recipe for life and all its potential.

The Egg of Life and the Flower of Life

The egg of life, a cluster of spheres, is considered the foundation of our existence. This pattern continues to expand into the flower of life, a shape found in ancient cultures across the globe. The flower of life contains sacred information that our ancestors deemed important to protect.

The Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube

When the flower of life is extended, the fruit of life is revealed, a feminine shape representing formlessness and emotion. By adding masculine energy, we get Metatron’s Cube, which contains the fabric of reality and the platonic solids.

Platonic Solids and the Elements

Each of the five platonic solids corresponds to a different element, and every element of the periodic table has a geometric relation to one of these solids. From atoms to planets, everything stems from this basic geometric information system.

Sacred Geometry: Bridging the Divide between Spirit and Science

By examining ancient myths and religious teachings metaphorically, we can decipher encoded wisdom and potentially bridge the divide between spirit and science. Studying sacred geometry allows us to understand our place in the universe and our connection to the grand design of creation.

The Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence

The video also touches upon the golden ratio, a proportion derived from the Fibonacci sequence, which governs the patterns found in nature, from atoms to stars. Our ancestors incorporated this proportion into their structures and daily lives, recognizing its fundamental role in the harmony and balance of the universe.

The video

Source: After Skool

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