A documentary about consciousness and who we really are

Unlock the hidden depths that lie beyond perception in this illuminating documentary. Immerse yourself in the profound insights shared by renowned consciousness experts, accomplished neuroscientists, seasoned meditators, and individuals with firsthand encounters of coma. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate realms of consciousness and explore the remarkable facets of multi-point-of-view research. Prepare to expand your horizons and delve into the mysteries of human experience.

Anthony Chene, the creator of the documentary, describes it as follows:

“Who are we? What is consciousness? Where does it come from? To what extent are we more than our physical body, our thoughts and our emotions? We have interviewed neuroscientists, meditators, survivors of near-death experiences, and various PhD scientists, to find answers and try to figure out what is our relationship to the universe and who we really are, what is our deep nature.”

Envision a world where the profound realization of the interconnectedness of all aspects of reality permeates the hearts and minds of every individual. In this utopian vision, harmony and peace reign supreme, and the notion of evil becomes a relic of the past. It is a world where compassion and empathy thrive, not confined to self-interest but extended to encompass the greater collective welfare.

In this enlightened world, individuals recognize that their actions ripple through the intricate tapestry of existence, affecting not only others but also the very fabric of the environment that sustains us. They grasp the fundamental truth that causing harm to others or to the delicate balance of nature is, in essence, an act of self-infliction. The understanding dawns that the divisions we perceive between ourselves and the world around us are illusory, and that our well-being is intricately interwoven with the well-being of all.

With this profound awareness, people navigate life guided by a sense of shared responsibility and a deep-rooted commitment to the greater good. They choose paths of kindness, knowing that every compassionate act reverberates throughout the interconnected web of existence, igniting a positive chain reaction that elevates the human experience.

In this philosophical reflection, we are called to contemplate the immense power that lies within our grasp—the power to transcend ego-driven pursuits and embrace a paradigm that celebrates the unity of all life. As we envision this world of interconnected consciousness, we are inspired to cultivate empathy, nurture compassion, and recognize the intrinsic value of every sentient being and the fragile ecosystems that sustain us.

In this shared journey toward a more enlightened existence, let us strive to awaken the understanding that our choices hold the potential to shape a reality where empathy triumphs, cruelty withers away, and the reverberations of our actions echo with kindness for generations to come.

Who we are and the role of consciousness

Anthony Chene production

Participants in the documentary:

Distinguished participants in this enlightening journey include Dr. Eben Alexander, renowned MD; Dr. Dean Radin, esteemed PhD; Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, esteemed PhD; Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, accomplished PhD; Dr. Marjorie Woollacott, respected PhD; John Butler, and the inspiring Anita Moorjani. Together, their expertise and unique perspectives weave a tapestry of profound insights, inviting us to explore the depths of consciousness and expand our understanding of the human experience.


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