Visual comparison of Human DNA/Genome to other Animal & Plant genomes

YouTube’s channel morn1415, which makes pretty nice and cleverly-made comparison animations, has made another one that compares our DNA to various plants and animals. Some of them will leave you speechless, especially the last one.

Human DNA

(Information briefly picked up from the video)

  • Has 724 MB of information and over 90% of it is “seemingly unused remains of its history”
  • Is 86% same as a dog’s and a cat’s DNA
  • Is 44% same as a banana’s
  • Is 70% same as a chicken’s
  • Is 80% same as a cow’s
  • Is 84.2% same as a mouse’s
  • Is 97% same as an orangutang’s
  • Is 98.8% same as a chimpanzee’s

The strange facts and the list goes on. I suggest seeing the video animation. Watch it until the end because there’s something about onions that you wouldn’t expect…

By morn1415


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