Philosophy of Quantum Physics/Mechanics, all the official interpretations explained in one video-animation

A flawless explanation of the various interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, through a 3D video animation. The work of Eugene Khutoryansky has helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand many difficult scientific concepts through his videos. The following is one of them.

Specifically, the following interpretations are getting explained, in that order:

  • Copenhagen Interpretation
  • Objective Collapse
  • EPR Paradox
  • Retro-Causality
  • Transactional Interpretation
  • Super-Determinism
  • QBism (Quantum Bayesianism)
  • Many Worlds
  • Pilot Wave (Bohmian Mechanics)
  • Consciousness Role
  • Relational Interpretation
  • Quantum Logic

By Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky

For even more information about the various philosophical interpretations, you can check the following pages:


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