An animated perspective of 8 billion people compared to all domestic animals on Earth

Have you ever thought about how it would look if all people who live on Earth gathered in one place? Now you can, and you can compare it to perspectives on all domesticated animals gathered in one place.

The amount of eight billion people is mind-boggling if you see the perspective of it in the following video, and even crazier is the fact that all these people exist right now on our planet. The numbers and the perspective of all the domesticated animals are also mind-boggling.

If all of the eight billion people gathered in one place it would cover an area of 2378 km² or 916,2 miles² (82 km or 50,9 miles, multiplied by 29 km or 18 miles). That’s an insane amount of people, and it’s growing fast.

By MetaBallStudios

The following video puts into perspective how all the domesticated animals look like if gathered in one place, with each kind of animal in its group. It represents the real numbers that exist right now on our planet.

  • ~ 50,780,000 Horses
  • ~ 400,000,000 Cats
  • ~ 900,000,000 Dogs
  • ~ 978,300,000 Rabbits and Hares
  • ~ 991,300,000 Pigs
  • ~ 1,124,000,000 Ducks
  • ~ 1,489,000,000 Cattle
  • ~ 2,255,000,000 Sheep and Goats
  • ~ 23,707,000,000 Chicken

All together in one place would cover an area of 7290 km² or 2811,7 miles² (81 km or 50.3 miles, multiplied by 90 km or 55.9 miles).

By MetaBallStudios

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