World’s Smallest Wireless Keyboard-Mouse

If you want to transform your device (mobile phone, tablet, TV, etc) to have a PC-like experience, there is a way. (This article is not an advertorial, we found the product interesting and we just wanted to share it with you).

This keyboard from ‘Rii tek’ can be used with almost any device, giving you the ability to have “cursor” on your mobile phone or tablet screen (Android), and you can use it with a regular PC (Windows/Linux), Mac, or TV (must have a USB port), PS3-4 and Xbox360.

If you’re using business lecturing or other video conference ways with a projector, this keyboard seems to be a must-have item. It has a built-in laser pointer to make your work even simpler from a distance, so you can have complete control over your presentations.

Technical characteristics

Weight: 100g
Signal: 2.4GHz
Distance coverage: Up to 10 meters
Standby time: 500 – 700 hours
Dimensions: 151mm X 59mm X 12. 5mm

Rii mini keyboard review:


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